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Top MBA Entrance Examinations in India

MBA aspirants in India face lot of confusion on how to prepare for multitude of MBA entrance examinations conducted by various institutes. Though the exam pattern is more or less similar for almost all the exams, it puts lot of extra burden on candidates in terms of additional time and effort to be put in completing the application and selection process.

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Does MBA help you become CEO

Amidst growing discomfort about rising MBA fee across B-schools and stagnant average salaries, I was left wondering had MBA lost its sheen or is it simply the temporary phase which every industry go through in its life. With high payback periods and increasing opportunity costs, does MBA really help someone …

MBA and its origins

The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a post graduate degree in business management. The MBA degree can be considered as a recent phenomenon, compared to other branches of education, and had its origins in the United States in 1900s. The reasons attributed for rapid growth of MBA during first half of 20th century …