75 Questions asked in SBI PO 2016 Interviews




Following is a compilation of list of questions asked in SBI PO 2016 interview. Though many of the question were asked based on application form, effort is being made to remove the repetitive ones and highlight only the important questions:


Basic Questions:

  1. Why Banking
  2. Why you want to work for State Bank of India
  3. Why Public Sector why not private sector
  4. Why you left previous company
  5. How would you help the rural people
  6. How would you help them (rural people) if posted in London
  7. Your role model
  8. If you are given posting as branch manager at a rural branch and given a target. What will be your approach to achieve that
  9. Why haven’t you started a start-up with mechanical engineering knowledge (for a Mech Engg graduate)
  10. Do u think you are fit for banking

Economics, Finance and Banking:

  1. What is Money Laundering ? What are the steps taken by Government?
  2. Benami Transaction
  3. What are KYC guidelines?
  4. What are Gilt Edge Securities
  5. What is Yield To Maturity (YTM)
  6. What is Inflation? How it impacts economy?
  7. Functions of RBI
  8. What are the problems faced by bank.
  9. Deficit Financing
  10. What factors contributed to increase in FDI inflow to India in recent past
  11. What is Federal Reserve and what is its other name
  12. What is Repo rate and reverse repo
  13. What problems Public Sector Banks are facing at urban centres
  14. Questions on CRR SLR
  15. Who is the regulator of insurance banks and merchant companies.
  16. What is Gst bill and how it is beneficial
  17. What is fat tax
  18. Describe Indian economy,
  19. What are strong and weak banks,
  20. How to increase business
  21. What is CAD
  22. What is monetary policy
  23. What are Negotiable instruments
  24. Something about National Food Security Mission.
  25. Online Banking
  26. Debit card vs credit card


  1. Which states in India have more growth than others and Why
  2. Details and opinion related to Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher payment default
  3. What is India’s national flower
  4. India’s national song and writer
  5. Name the Finance Secretary and Home secretary of India
  6. Which is largest producer state of rice , coffee and spices
  7. What are the two highest awards gallantry and country.
  8. Who is Governor of puducherry
  9. What is Long sightedness
  10. What is surge pricing ,
  11. Who got Bharat Ratna for their contribution in Scientific field along with Sachin Tendulkar
  12. Which all states surround Tripura,
  13. What are the main tribes of Tripura
  14. Who is the Defence Minister of India and his deputy?
  15. What is Scorpene? Where was it built?
  16. Tell about some schemes by the Education (HRD) Ministry
  17. who is the Education Minister?


  1. Opinion on Brexit
  2. Opinion on Balochistan and related
  3. Impact of Globalization
  4. Where was ASEAN conference 2016 held
  5. Which are the neighbouring countries of Laos and their capitals
  6. Where is the largest temple in world
  7. Capital currency of Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand
  8. Name Indian states which are neighbouring Bangladesh
  9. Opinion on Donald Trump’s candidacy
  10. What are commonwealth countries?
  11. How many games were played in this year Rio Olympics? Which all games were added?


  1. Tell us about Cloud Computing
  2. What is the need of data warehouse
  3. Name some operating systems and then some questions were asked related to them
  4. Difference between Electrical and electronics
  5. What is microprocessor
  6. Name some microprocessors
  7. Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller


  1. Religion and language are great unifiers of our country-express your views
  2. Should there be a referendum held in J & K- comment
  3. “In India, people expect the government to do everything”-comment
  4. Consequences of division of AP and how it is getting the revenue (for a Candidate from Andhra Pradesh) – More questions on Bifurcation and Hobbies

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