Executive MBA Vs PGPX of IIMs

Students often get confused about different MBA programmes of IIMs. Key amongst them include Executive Post Graduate Programme (Executive PGP / EPGP) and Post Graduate Programme for Executives (PGPX). In this article, I will be using Executive MBA and Executive PGP words interchangeably but both are one and same. 

Executive PGP Vs PGPX

Part-time Vs Full time: Executive MBA is a part time MBA whereas PGPX is full time.

Duration: Typical executive MBA programme is spread across two years wherein the candidates were expected to be present at IIM campus for 2 weeks in a trimester. Remaining time they can be at their work place and complete the course homework and other requisites. Whereas PGPX candidates have to spend 12~15 months at campus as PGPX being a residential programme.

Industry Recognition: Executive MBA is not fully recognized by industry. So, if your company is having a policy of promoting those who had executive MBA then it is considered good but it is really difficult if someone wants to move to different sector or company of his/her choice. At the end, it entirely depends on company policy but first hand experience says Executive MBA is not recognized by industry per se. In contrast, full time MBA programmes like PGPX are fully recognized by industry and typically these guys will be placed at middle management level.

Salary Packages and Admission process: PGPX guys command premium compared to executive MBA. The average salaries are also higher when compared to PGP of IIMs. For both Executive MBA and PGPX admission process relies on GMAT scores or latest CAT score. Short-listing of candidates for interview will be done based on a number of criteria like CAT /GMAT score, Academic performance, work experience etc, or as decided by the admissions committee. However, PGPX admission process is difficult when compared to Executive MBA.

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