How to be familiar with unknown topics

Familiarity with diverse topics plays a crucial role in solving any reading comprehension (RC) passage. But how do we become familiar with topics as obscure as Greek and Roman Art, as vast of mythology and history, as complex as Astrophysics and mind mapping? Do we need to know all these things to crack RC passages of CAT or any competitive exam.


The answer can be yes and no depending on what type of reader you are. If you are a voracious reader and really enjoys learning new topics then it should not come as surprise that you feel comfortable solving RC passages with ease irrespective of whether you know the topic or not. The reason could be your fundamental nature of curiosity that kicks in whenever you see unfamiliar topic. You are also aware that as knowledge is vast and it is humanly not possible to fathom the thought of mastering even a fraction of it.

How to deal with Unfamiliar RC Passages

It is always easy to put a blank face in the exam when you are struck with unfamiliar topic but dealing with it really takes lot of skill and practice which students have to acquire over a period. The first and foremost basic step in dealing with RC section is inculcating a good reading habit. Reading habit goes a long way not only for cracking MBA entrance examinations but also in real life. The kind of knowledge one gains by reading is immense as writers put lot of time and effort in penning their thoughts. It is no surprise that successful people in business, politics or any other field have good reading habits. Inculcating the habit of curiosity for learning new things goes a long way in helping students solve RC passages. Unfamiliar topics can be dealt better if you are comfortable getting exposed to new ideas and thoughts.

Using Stumbleupon for tackling Unfamiliar topics is an excellent website for exploring web content in one click at a time. It also features apps in Android Play store and Apple App Store. Stumbleupon supports login through account registration, Facebook or Google account. Once you logged in, you get an option to choose your areas of interest from hundreds of categories. 


Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

After selecting atleast 10 areas of interest, you can start Stumbling i.e., start exploring new and random content from the web related to your areas of interest. If you are interested to get comfortable and explore varied topics then choose as many areas of interest as possible. Click Stumble button on Top Left corner to explore new content in your areas of interest. You also get an option to explore a single area of interest instead of all interests.


 How to explore Stumbleupon
Using Stumbleupon really helps the students in getting familiar with varied and diverse topics. The key to success in solving RC passages is to have childlike curiosity in exploring new ideas and thoughts. You can always quench your knowledge thirst through Stumbleupon. Happy Stumbling.


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