General and Banking Awareness Questions asked in IBPS PO 2016 Mains

Following is the list of general and banking awareness questions asked in IBPS PO 2016 (All the questions are compiled based on memory):

  1. Sheikh Ahmad stadium is located in which country – Kuwait City‎, Kuwait 
  2. Nassau is the capital of – Bahamas
  3. Dalai Lama has the citizenship of – Milan
  4. Committee set up for promotion of card payment – Ratan Watal
  5. NATO 2017 venue –  Brussels, Belgium
  6. Indravati national park is located in – Chattisgarh, Dantewada
  7. Corporation bank Head Quarters is at – Mangalore, India
  8. How many members of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) are from RBI – 3 members ( Total 6 members in which 3 members from RBI )
  9. Committee on bank restructuring
  10.  Affected areas of Typhoon Haima – Philippines and China
  11. Recent India china military exercise was held in – Ladakh
  12. Noble prize 2016 economics Winners –  Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström
  13. IDFC acquired which micro finance company – Grama Vidiyal
  14. RBI GDP projection – 7.4% for 2016
  15. Bhavani sagar dam is located at which state – Tamil Nadu
  16. National heritage tomb (Humayan tomb) is at – Delhi
  17. Definition of Hedging – A risk management strategy used in limiting or offsetting probability of loss from fluctuations in the prices of commodities, currencies, or securities.
  18. “One indian Girl” book author – Chetan Bhagat
  19. Bermuda triangle location –  North Atlantic ocean
  20. OPEC Head Quarters is located at – Vienna, Austria
  21. Mechanism of Export Financing
  22. In which year demonetization done Previously – January 1978
  23. Kalikho Pul, who passed away recently, was CM of which state – Arunachal Pradesh
  24. Bharat bill Payement System Capital 
  25. Rs. 22915 cr given for capitalization of – 13 PSU Banks
  26. Antwerp Diamond Bank Head Quarters – Belgium
  27. EFTPOS abbreviation – Electronic funds transfer at point of sale
  28. BSBDA credit limit not to exceed  –  one lakh rupees
  29. MCLR started by government in the year – 2015
  30. International Voter Meeting  held in which country – New Delhi, India
  31. PRJA party launched by – Irom Chanu Sharmila
  32. Currency Risk is a type of
  33. Guangdong Province is located in which country – China
  34. Postal banks cannot provide which services – Loans, Credit Cards, NRI Accounts
  35. App launched by MasterCard  –  Selfie Pay

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