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IIM Kozhikode Selection Criteria

IIM Kozhikode (IIM K) is one of the few institutes to give less weightage to past academics. In this article, we try to under stand IIM Kozhikode Selection Criteria for admission to its flagship programme, PGP in Management.

Selection Criteria of IIM Kozhikode

IIM K follows a 3 stage process for selecting candidates to its PG Programmes.

IIM Lucknow Admission Process
(CAT: Common Admission Test, WAT: Written Ability Test and PI: Personal Interview)

Stage-I (Applying and Writing CAT)

In Stage I, candidates have to apply online for CAT and appear for the exam. In this stage, IIMs gather all the requisite information from the candidates related to past academics, work experience, details of various degrees etc. Once the candidate appears for CAT, then stage – II starts.

Stage-II (Selection for PI Round) for Normal Candidates

In Stage-II, IIM K apply various criteria to select and call the candidates for WAT/PI round.

1st Criteria for Stage-II selection:

Candidates have to clear the following section-wise cutoffs as well as overall cutoff in CAT 2015 and minimum marks to be obtained in Class X and Class XII:

IIM Kozhikode Criteria

2nd Criteria for Stage-II selection:

Weightages for different parameters to get a WAT/PI call from IIM Kozhikode is as under (these weightages are used only for getting a call in WAT/PI round) :

Criteria for Interview Call

Criteria for Interview Call

A maximum of 100 Marks were awarded to students shortlisted based on above table. A merit list was drawn and students were called in descending order. Let us understand each parameter in-depth as under:

CAT Score

A maximum of 75 marks were awarded under this. Students scaled score in CAT 2015 was used for computation of this index. All the three sections were given equal weightage of 25% each and accordingly score CAT Index score was calculated.

12th and Graduation Marks

A maximum of 7.5 marks were awarded to candidates who got more than 80% in XII and more than 81% in Graduation. Following tables provide a complete overview of different marks allotted to candidates with varied range of scores.

IIM Kozhikode Graduation Criteria

IIM Kozhikode Class XII Criteria
Work Experience

A maximum of 5 marks were awarded to candidates with 22~24 months of experience. Anything more than 36 months was treated same. Following table provides complete break-up:

Work Experience Criteria

Work Experience Criteria


Diversity Factor – Academic Background and Gender

Students with Arts/Commerce/Professional Course/Medicine and other non-Engineering subjects were given extra marks of 5 or girls get extra 5 marks. Only one of these two will apply at any time.

Stage-III (Final Selection)

Candidates who were selected based on above parameters were further tested on Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion and Personal Interview. In WAT, a topic was given and candidates were asked to pen their thoughts in 15~20 minutes followed by participation in a Group Discussion. In personal interviews, candidates were further evaluated based on their academics, work experience, personal and professional achievements etc. The Final weightage given for admission to PGP in IIM Kozhikode was as under:

IIM Kozhikode Final Criteria

Past academics were not given any preference in final selection. So, those with low past academics can always target IIM K by performing well in CAT and subsequent WAT/GD/PI rounds.


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