IIM Sirmaur Selection Criteria

IIM Sirmaur (IIM S) was established in 2015 at Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh and has an in-take of 60 students in its flagship programme, PGP in Management. Currently IIM Lucknow is mentoring IIM S in areas of curriculum design and course structure, research and faculty sharing. IIM S is one of the few institutes to use only CAT scores for selecting candidates for stage-II. In this article, we try to understand IIM Sirmaur selection criteria.

Selection Criteria of IIM Sirmaur

IIM S followed a 3 stage process for selecting candidates to its PG Programme in Management based on CAT 2015 scores.

IIM Nagpur Selection Criteria

(CAT: Common Admission Test)

Stage-I (Applying and Writing CAT)

In Stage I, candidates have to apply online for CAT and appear for the exam. In this stage, IIMs gather all the requisite information from the candidates related to past academics, work experience, details of various degrees etc. Once the candidate appears for CAT, then stage – II starts.

Stage-II (Evincing Interest)

Just like IIM Nagpur and Jammu, IIM Sirmaur did not conduct any Group Discussion (GD) or Written Ability Test or Personal Interview (PI) at stage – II. Instead it relied on candidate’s interest in taking admission from IIM S. Following CAT 2015 cut-off criteria was used for shortlisting candidates (among those applied for IIM Sirmaur at the time of CAT registration).

IIM Sirmaur CAT cut offs

E-Mails were sent to candidate’s registered mail IDs requesting them to confirm their interest in pursuing admission from IIM Sirmaur. Post confirmation, stage-III started for these candidates.

Stage-III (Final Selection)

Candidates who crossed the CAT cut-offs as per above table were further shortlisted based on following table.

IIM Jammu Weightage parameters

A maximum of 50 Marks were awarded to students shortlisted based on above table. Let us understand each parameter in-depth as under:

CAT Score

A maximum of 40 marks were awarded under this. Students score was divided with the highest score obtained by topper in CAT-2015 (from those who applied to IIM Sirmaur) and multiplied with 40 to get the final marks.

12th Marks

A maximum of 2 marks were awarded to candidates who were in 95 percentile and above of the respective board examinations. Candidates in 90~95 percentile were awarded marks of 1.5, 85~90 were awarded 1.0, 80~85 were awarded 0.5 and anything lower were awarded zero.

Graduation Marks

Graduation Marks were given a weightage of 3 marks and normalization process applied while calculating the scores from respective academic categories.

Work Experience

A maximum of 2 marks were awarded based on the formula: (No.of Months)*0.1.

Minimum number of months for calculation purpose was taken as 6 months. From the above formula, it is evident that someone with more than 20 months experience will be getting a maximum of 2 marks.

Diversity Factor – Academic Background and Gender

Students with Arts/Commerce/Professional Course/Medicine and other non-Engineering subjects were given extra marks of 2 and girl students get extra 1 mark.

The grand final score was calculated based on above parameters as under and a merit list was drawn. Admissions were offered in the descending order across various categories. 

IIM Jammu Final Weightage Criteria

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