Last Month CAT Preparation Strategy

In any competitive exam, continuing the preparation momentum is crucial for success. With semester exams around the corner, many students preparing for Common Admission Test (CAT) feel exhausted and commit the common follies, In this article, we discuss various tips for last month CAT preparation strategy:

  • Keep yourself refreshed without getting exhausted
    Sitting daily to study for more than 8~10 hours may exhaust the body. It is always suggestible to do the preparation in short bursts of 2~3 hours at least twice. Keep sufficient gap between these prep times and find a way to relax once you finish. If you have semester exams, then try to spend 2~3 hours on preparation on days when there was no exam.
  • Never leave any topic
    Irrespective of whether you are comfortable with any topic or not, don’t leave it. In competitive exams, every mark matters and there is always a chance that easy questions might be asked from the left out topics.
  • Keep your thoughts positive and spirits high
    Maintaining the morale is of highest importance to any CAT aspirant. The moment you lose it, the exam pushes you to oblivion. Never lose hope and keep practicing till the exam. If you feel that the preparation is draining you, take a break for one day and come back with more vigor. But never lose your hope and also preparation.
  • Use mock CATs to get acclimatized to exam day
    Though performing well in mock CATs will boost your morale, it always has to be taken with a pinch of salt. There were many instances where the top performers in mock CATs were not able to crack main CAT and people with low scores in mock CATs were able to convert. What really matters is how you perform on D-day. Treat every mock CAT as the final one and acclimatize yourself as much as possible to the final day. Try to complete at least 10 ~ 15 mocks CATs during this last one month. It is not the number of mock exams that matter but the analysis of each one. So all the serious aspirants have to spend at least 2 hours on analyzing the attempted mock exams so that mistakes were reduced.
  • Don’t try anything new
    Last but not least, time is not ripe for trying anything new. Whatever strategy is adopted for last 6~8 months is recommended to be continued. If you feel that your strategies are not yielding any benefits then slight improvisations can be done but the strategy has to remain more or less same.

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