List of GD Topics discussed in SBI PO 2016

Right from the word “Go”, selection committee of State Bank of India Probationary Officer 2016 (SBI PO 2016) had set benchmarks from question paper setting at prelims stage till Mains and the Group Discussion Personal Interview (GDPI) process which followed thereafter. We should commend them for completing the process without any glitch and with 100% precision. GD Topics chosen were to the times we live and the knowledge we possessed over a period

All those who believed that reading Current Affairs and General Knowledge for 3 to 4 months make them sail through the exam were in for a shock at GDPI stage. The topics chosen were spot on in understanding the the depth and knowledge of candidates. 

Not wasting time further we classified the topics into 5  broad categories.

Social topics:

  • Smoking and drinking should be banned
  • Private Hospitals are going corporate at the cost of Health
  • Love of money is root to all evils
  • Population growth – boon or bane?
  • Role of media in India today – Good or bad?
  • Topic on Women empowerment

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  • Present education system churning more engineers but not skill


  • Medals won by India in Olympics are by chance or by scientific training?

Technology, Internet and Social Media:

  • Is technology killing human imagination
  • Social networking is resulting in decline in the art of conversation – discuss
  • In era of internet – Is literacy rate coming down
  • Net neutrality  in India – merits and demerits
  • E-commerce – a death knell for small shops
  • Youth getting addicted to mobile phones destroying them ?


  • Topic on Global Warming
  • Are Water Wars going to happen ?
  • Is linking of rivers good or bad from Socio and ecological balance perspective?


  • Is India ready for smart cities?
  • Villages – our strength or weakness
  • Private players to be encouraged in infrastructure
  • Should Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) be privatized?
  • Infrastructure. Is it desirable?

The above list is an indicative one and represent majority of the topics asked in Group Discussion stage.

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