List of National Parks in India (as on September 2016)


Even before the Indian independence, sanctuaries had been created in the form of shooting blocks, game reserves or hunting reserves by the erstwhile provisional governments or by the native rulers in their respective areas. In 1936, the first National Park in India was created and now called as the Corbett National Park, in Uttaranchal. The sections 18 to 34 of the Indian Constitution deal with Sanctuaries, section 35 deals with National Parks and section 38 empowers the Central Government to declare areas as Sanctuaries or National Parks (Negi, S.S., 1991).

National Parks

The term ‘National Park’ should denote an area:

  • Which is, set aside for the protection and conservation of outstanding natural fauna, flora, geological formations and natural scenic;
  • In which hunting, killing or capturing of fauna, or deprivation of any wild animal of its habitat, or destruction and collection of flora, and weapons are all prohibited except for the improvement and a better management of wildlife therein, and on condition that these issues are handled by, or are under the control of, the park authorities;
  • Where also, grazing [of any live-stock] shall not be permitted.
  • No alteration of the boundaries of a National Park shall be made except on the resolution passed by the legislature of the State (Wildlife Protection Society of India, 2003., Thane Riney, 1982).

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Indian National Parks

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