Prioritisation Topics asked in SBI PO 2016 GD

In this article, we bring you the list of latest prioritisation topics discussed in SBI PO 2016 Group Discussion-Personal Interview (GDPI) Process.

This year SBI management split the GD process into 2 stages:

  1. Group discussion on a given topic
  2. Group Discussion on prioritising list of characteristics for assessing a task or topic.

We already discussed list of GD topics and questionnaire asked in this year SBI PO GDPI process. In this article, we discuss the prioritisation topics and some of the characteristics to measure the same as under:

  1. A good manager should have following skills – (Leadership skill, communication, interpersonal, conflict management etc)
  2. Risks associates with Social Media (8 risks listed and prioritising the same in the order of preference-examples include privacy, bullying and other issues)
  3. Prioritise the solutions for reducing the pollution
  4. Why poor performance in Rio Olympics? Some 8 reasons like basic amenities, parents not encouraging, corruption etc… 
  5. Attributes for a prosperous city and prioritizing them
  6. Key aspects while looking for a new job like job security, career growth, salary etc
  7. Causes of Inflation
  8. Leadership Qualities prioritisation (some of the details include empathy, persuasion, communication skills, creativity, listening skills, intelligence and goal orientation)
  9. Qualities I like to see in my boss (focus on goal, decisiveness, confidence, integrity, values, motivating others, concern for people etc..)
  10. what qualities needed to explore a full potential of individual -hard work,self awareness,vision,etc
  11. Arrangement of points for sustainable development (Characteristics include population control, conservation of resources, long term planning, recycling, limiting luxuries, non conventional resources, informed use of science and research)
  12. Different skills of commander
  13. Branch manager qualities in priority order.
  14. Traits of customer service
  15. Winner qualities
  16. Qualities required for an academic professional
  17. Time management (Self discipline, to-do list, long term use, urgent task, identifying time wasting activities etc)
  18. Good qualities for a prosperous society


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