A new method for cracking General Awareness section of IBPS PO

General Awareness (GA) is a vast topic that covers wide range of items spread across several areas and timelines. For bank entrance examinations, especially IBPS Common Written Exam for PO selection, the areas covered are many. Examiner intention behind GA section is to measure candidate’s awareness of happenings across India and the world. In nutshell, this section test candidate’s reading and understanding skills.

Though many exam goers simply try to read last 3 or 6 months key events in anticipation of questions, we believe this approach to be incorrect. In our research, we found that examiner is testing the current affairs portion only to the maximum extent of 50% whereas remaining 50% is dedicated to general Knowledge or events happened without any timeline. A brief analysis of bifurcation of questions along current affairs and general knowledge is as under (for Current Affairs we used event happenings before 12 months of the exam as the criteria and remaining all are placed under GK sub-section) :

IBPS PO Current Affairs Vs GK

How to Crack General Awareness of IBPS PO

Last 5 year papers (collated based on memory) put lot of emphasis on certain key areas. Our pattern analysis helped us in identifying 10 key or main areas to be focused on while preparing for General Awareness section of IBPS PO. Details of breakup across 10 key areas for last 5 years is as under:

IBPS PO Topic wise bifurcation

Pattern Analysis

We are firm believers in students developing good reading habits for success in competitive exams. We also recommend students to take General Awareness section with more vigor than simply reading GK capsules on monthly basis. At MBA Den, we bring the latest happenings in banking sector as well as in real world with in-depth analysis and interesting tid bits. In coming weeks, we will be publishing articles on top 10 key areas identified for cracking General Awareness Section. We encourage a mix of understanding legacy topics as well as the latest ones to sail through GA section.

As part of our series of articles, we bring you the list of articles covering key area 7 as mentioned in the table:



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