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Tips for Essay Writing

Essay Writing has become one of the key differentiating factors for evaluating students. It tests their understanding of the concept as well as their presentation skills. In this article, we try to understand how to write essay on any topic if you have some basic understanding of the concept. These tips will help you in essay writing in State Bank of India Mains (PO) exam as well as written Ability Test (WAT) of various B-Schools.

Structure of passage or essay should contain 4 ingredients:

Structure of Essay

Structure of Essay

The first among them is central or key idea of why the author is writing the passage. So, if you are given an essay topic, your first paragraph should contain your understanding about the topic in crisp and clear cut manner.

The second or subsequent paragraphs should contain the narration which you want to use effectively to demonstrate your understanding of the main topic. This could be in the form of story/facts/figures/data/Research findings or any other medium.

It is always good if you use an extension of the central idea which we call as supporting idea or subservient idea. For example if a topic like “Modi Government is not doing well, explain?” is given then Modi Government as a whole becomes the main topic whereas bad performance under Finance ministry or defense ministry becomes supporting or subset idea of the main one. Try adding some supporting ideas and use the same narration technique as described earlier. This will give an idea to the evaluator that your understanding of the concept is complete and you are thorough with what you are writing.

For conclusion, you have to super impose or mix different ideas like central idea and supporting ideas and give your final version of verdict on the topic. It is always good to have an opinion on the topic which could be either positive or negative. As long as you support your stance with facts and data you can sail through any idea.

Always keep stock of different ideas and themes for essay writing. If you can concentrate on few ideas and use them effectively to suit to different topics then you need not worry too much about familiarity of the topic. I always keep writing articles on different ideas before publishing them and whenever any contemporary event or real incident happens then I will try to link this idea to the event if it is relevant. This way you can write better article in less time.

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