Top 40 B-Schools and Exam Scores they accept

For MBA aspirants easy reference, we compiled a list of top 40 B-Schools (in alphabetical order) and the exam scores they accept:


It is apparent that out of top 40 B-Schools in India, 30 B-Schools accept CAT scores while 9 B-Schools accept XAT scores. Many of the IIMs also accept GMAT score provided the candidates meet certain eligibility criteria (for NRIs and other categories). So, for MBA aspirants, it is easy to concentrate on few exams based on their areas of interest and B-Schools which they are targeting.

The budgetary allocation exercise has to be taken by MBA aspirants due to the multitude of applications at various B-Schools and separate fees for the same. Those who are aiming for admission to any top 40 B-School should allocate a minimum budget of Rs, 10,000 towards entrance examinations or B-School applications fee.

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